What is the Coolsculpting CoolMini Applicator Does it work for Double Chins



Hi, I’m Kaitlyn from Quintessa. I do all of our CoolSculpting here in the Mequon location. I also am a faculty member with Allegan Medical Institute, so I do travel and train other practices around the country on the CoolSculpting technology. What I’m going to be doing today is going through some of our applicators here to give you a better description of what they’re used for and what areas of the body we can use them on and how they work.

So I’m going to be talking right now about our CoolMini applicator. This is our applicator that was designed and made for the chin. So we typically use it on the chin most commonly. We also can use it above the kneecap. This applicator is two and a half inches, so it fits perfectly right under that chin. And it’s going to pull the tissue into the cup with the vacuum section. So that aluminum cup in there is what gets down to the temperature needed to freeze those fat cells.

So it just fits right on your chin, just like this. I do have a strap that attaches to the applicator so the patient can sit comfortably for 45 minutes. And 45 minutes is the treatment time, so you sit with this applicator on for 45 minutes. Afterward, you leave the office, it doesn’t look like you had anything done. You can go right into normal daily activities. And about three months after your treatment, that’s when you’ll see your full effect results. I do have my patients come back after three months and we’ll take some after photos. That way we can compare their before and after photos.

Every time we place this applicator on you, it’s going to reduce the area about 20 to 25%. So that is a great treatment for the chin area. And like I said, we also can use it for above the knee caps. So if you have any questions or you want to schedule a complementary consultation with me, you can go to our website at myquintessa.com, and I look forward to seeing you