CoolMini by Coolsculpting Explained by Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Campbell of Quintessa in Milwaukee, WI

The company CoolSculpt has been around for several years now and is a wonderful way to reduce fat on the body permanently. Over the last year or two, they’ve actually come out with a new applicator called CoolMini, which is specifically designed for the submental area or the double chin. It really is quite effective and there’s absolutely no downtime. We simply apply this applicator there’s suction applied, and then it cools the fat down to a temperature where it actually will help destroy a very significant percentage of this fat in that area. You get a little bit of swelling, but it’s not too bad. Bruising is very irregular and uncommon, so most patients really don’t have any downtime. The results are achieved over about 2 months, but that reduction in fat will last the lifetime.