Dr. Daniel Butz of Quintessa Discussing Surgical Breast Reduction Procedures

Dr. Daniel Butz

A lot of patients come in saying that their breasts just feel heavy and their neck and back frequently hurt.

They can often complain of migraines and have skin irritation underneath the breast. These patients are really great candidates for breast reductions. If their breasts are really large and hanging low this can really just have a lot of significant functional issues with some chronic neck pain, skin irritation. So, a breast reduction can provide an overall improved body contour and appearance by reducing the size of the breasts and lifting them to a more proper position, but also really improve their back pain, headaches, and the functional issues that are going along with that.

These patients frequently feel much better right away after surgery, as a lot of the weight has been literally taken off of their back. This really provides a long-lasting result that goes on for many years and really improves their overall quality of life in general.