Could a chemical peel also even out the skin tone on my leg

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Question:  My legs have some spotting from years of summers spent out in the sun.  I know that peels are usually for the face but could a chemical peel also even out the skin tone on my leg? 

 Answer:  Yes, there are some chemical peels that can be used on the body such as salicylic acid peels.  We also have various lights and lasers that are in my opinion more effective, and we have therefore tend to recommend broadband light or fractionated laser treatments on the body for pigmentary issues.  We have had very good success with all areas of the body whether it is the décolleté or the arms or hands or even the legs using the aforementioned intense pulsed light or broadband light as well as fractionated laser resurfacing such as the ProFractional laser by Sciton.  Those treatments have very little, if any, downtime and, overall, are extremely safe and effective.

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