After dermabrasion can I still use the creams and makeup that I have?

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Question:  Following a skin treatment like dermabrasion, can I still use my usual facial creams and makeup or will I have to switch to special products?

 Answer:  My personal opinion is that typical facial creams and even most makeup really do not improve or maintain a person’s skin very well.  I therefore always recommend that patients are on a pharmaceutical-grade skin care line to either improve their skin or simply to maintain the improved result that we have achieved through various treatment modalities such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. A pharmaceutical-grade skin care is not only going to condition and enhance your skin for the optimal results but can also be anti-aging as well.

Sun protection is also a very important part of this maintenance regimen.  Certain makeup can be too harsh on the skin in that they tend to be too greasy, whereas mineral makeup not only is not greasy at all but it also comes with a sun protection portion that actually benefits the skin.

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