Make-up Solutions for the Aging Skin

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Beauty has no age limit. As women age, each new stage in life brings a special look. Changes do bring challenges, however, and what worked for you a few years ago may need tweaking. That especially includes makeup. You will want to revisit and reinvent your makeup routine to suit who you are now.

Hiding Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It may be time for a “less is best” approach to makeup as you age. Makeup can settle into the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This may draw attention to the wrinkles rather than covering them up. As the makeup cakes into the wrinkles, they become more noticeable.

Prevent this from happening by beginning the day with a good moisturizer followed by sunscreen. Apply immediately after you wash your face while the skin is still moist. This will help plump up your skin and makeup will glide on for a smooth, even look.

Take extra care to moisturize around the delicate eye area. Before the moisturizer though, try using a silicone-based serum made especially for the area around the eyes. This will help keep the concealer from slipping.

Study the bone structure and features of your face and then use lighter and darker shades to soften hard lines. “Lift” a sagging chin with a darker shade and then cover with a translucent powder.

How to Brighten Aging Skin

Does your skin look dull? If so, brighten up with warm colors with a foundation that is about half a shade lighter than your skin’s natural tone. For dark under-eye circles, apply foundation that is a shade lighter than your other foundation. Top with concealer and then apply loose powder. Use bronzers or illuminators for a sun-kissed glow. Make it look natural by blending bronzer into your foundation, or perhaps into your moisturizer. Finish off with a spritz of moisturizer.

Soften Your Colors

Let your colors mellow with age. Replace the bright reds you wore when you were younger with pastels and neutrals. These colors will blend with your skin tone and won’t call attention to the signs of aging. It is possible to harmonize hair and eye color with more subdued colors.

Black mascaras and eyeliners are still fine. Consider complimenting gray hair with brown or gray eyeliner and mascara. Eyelashes are a problem area for older women as they lose their lushness. Try this trick. Dust the lashes with a bit of translucent powder between two coats of a rich, volumizing mascara. If you are considering having lashes or brows tinted, be sure to have it done professionally.

Plump Lips

Lips do thin with age, but you can learn tricks to make them appear full and pouty again. Like blushes, avoid strong colors and stick with pastels and neutrals such as beige and peach. One trick is to use a tawny lip liner for the outside of the lips and then filling in with lipstick. The secret is in applying the lipstick first and then lining the lips carefully. This will give a softer, more natural look and still create a definition. Use a matte lip color. Finally, add lipstick to a little lip balm to create a gloss.

At Quintessa Medical Spa, we have seen many patients come in over the years saying that their makeup makes them look worse. This certainly is typically true of older clients with deeper lines.  Their makeup can get rid of their mild skin irregularities but obviously it’s not able to fill in the deeper lines. This only makes the deeper lines appear more prominent since we got rid of the “camouflage” of some of the irregularities and discolorations. Ultimately, a more holistic approach towards their skincare would be most appropriate to give them the best skin for their money. This oftentimes involves multiple different treatment options from BroadBand Light (BBL) to more ablative lasers like the ProFractional laser by Sciton, and even occasionally surgical procedures to give them the look that they desire.

Plump Lips

While the appropriate application of lipstick can make the lips look for prominent and fuller, if a patient wants more volume to their lips or more definition, then injectable fillers are our “go-to” procedure to give them the look that they desire. Juvederm is our current filler of choice for the lips due to its smooth gel-like consistency and ease of customization.

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