Are there any new and innovative laser hair removal treatments?

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Question: Are there any new and innovative laser hair removal treatments?

Answer: I do not know of any significant innovations in hair removal due to the fact that it is extremely successful with the current modalities, which are mainly the diode laser and alexandrite laser.  Some innovations have been in the intense pulsed light treatment, which is typical of what most laser centers use. Unfortunately, they tend to use a rather generic intense pulsed light machine, which is typically not nearly as effective as the diode and alexandrite lasers. However, the newer broadband light by Sciton is a form of intense pulsed light that can be used quite successfully for laser hair removal. Ultimately at Quintessa Medical Spa we tend to use the diode laser by Vasculight and in our Mequon location we have the Duette system which has a relatively innovative way of using the laser where there is multiple laser heads in combination with a suction apparatus that allows us to treat large surface areas such as the back or full legs extremely effectively and extremely quickly.

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