Are there any nonsurgical ways to fix the nasal bridge after two failed rhinoplasties?

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In my opinion there really is not a good way to nonsurgically fix the nasal dorsum after two failed rhinoplasties. Unfortunately I truly feel that a proper revision rhinoplasty performed by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will give you the best long term result regarding your nasal appearance. With that said if there is only a small depression that is the main problem, one can certainly perform an injection of filler material into this area and at least temporarily resolve the issue. I strongly caution patients about having any sort of a permanent injectable material placed in any part of their bodies due to the fact that products such as silicone or methylmethacrylate truly are permanent and we really do not know what this will mean ten, twenty, thirty, or more years from now. Temporary materials such as Restylane or Juvéderm certainly can help camouflage some irregularities on the nose and I feel are a perfectly acceptable solution to the problem, but obviously the problem will persist once the filler material is gone and I recommend revision rhinoplasty at some point in the future as a permanent solution to the problem.

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