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Sometimes something old is new again and the same holds true with beauty secrets. Although there are many new-fangled cosmetics appearing on the shelves and in ads every day, sometimes the best way to get back to basics is to get back to nature. Women all over the world have been utilizing what Mother Nature gave them in their beauty regimens for centuries.

Essential Oils

Women all over the country and all over the world take essential oils provided by Mother Nature to soothe and moisturize their skin. Oils have always been used to soothe burns and cuts such as the oil from the aloe vera plant and olive oil.

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer especially for those target areas under the eyes. Olive oil can soothe tired under eyes, moisturize, and diminish the look of circles. Olive oil when mixed with other ingredients can also be used as a moisturizer for hair. Rubbed on the soles of feet will give tired pups a reason to pound the pavement once again.

Citrus and Fruits

Not only do citrus and fruits assist in aiding the body internally of many ailments, they can also do wonders for the complexion. Women all over the world have turned to strawberries, kiwis, and pomegranate to make their pores smaller and their skin shine.

Water Water Everywhere

Women all over the nation have come to realize that not only does getting the proper amount of sleep aid in their beauty regiment, but staying hydrated is also important. Skin will take on a brighter, more vibrant look when a woman properly hydrates herself. Tired skin becomes rejuvenated when water is added to a woman’s daily beauty regimen.

These are just some of the beauty secrets that women from around the globe use every day and you can use them too.

This article does a nice job of discussing a variety of different skin treatments from around the world and I think that this is really where skincare got its start historically even going back to the early Egyptian days with Cleopatra and some of her milk baths giving her essentially a lactic acid peel of her skin. A variety of these fruits and essential oils have been incorporated into today’s high-end skincare lines and certainly, water is always on the list of things that patients should be doing to maintain good healthy skin. I think that good skincare involves a multitude of different items including sun protection, a well-rounded diet, and good hydration.

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