Can you describe the pros and cons of lip augmentation

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Question: Can you describe the pros and cons of lip augmentation with implants versus fillers?

The biggest pro of a lip implant as opposed to a filler would be the longevity of the lip implant, which is permanent, whereas fillers are going to last somewhere from 6 to 9 months. The cons of a lip implants is that frequently these implants will slowly migrate to a different position in the lip due to the significant mobility of this facial structure. This would then require removal and reimplantation of the implant into a more aesthetically-pleasing position. Furthermore, the implant really cannot be customized, per se, for each individual patient’s lip anatomy like fillers can. In other words, I can place more filler in a certain location where a patient may need more volume and less filler or even no filler where we do not want any additional volume. We can also enhance the Cupid’s bow and enhance the philtral ridges or the ridges below the nose with filler where as the implant really cannot do this. Ultimately, a discussion with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon would be in order.

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