Can you recommend a scar removal cream for deep scars?

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No, unfortunately I really cannot recommend a cream for deep scars as there really is nothing topical that is going to make a significant impact on an established scar; however, if your scar is immature or a relatively fresh scar and still has pinkness to it, silicone gel has been shown to improve the appearance of scarring over time. Kelo-cote is a product that can be applied as a thin film of silicone gel. Makeup can be applied over this if desired and this is essentially left on the skin on a daily basis and can help prevent enlargement or thickening of scars. If your scarring is secondary to acne scarring, then this treatment will most likely not improve these nor will any other topical application or cream. The massaging action of applying a cream to the skin can, however, improve the overall appearance of surgical or traumatic scars and I will certainly recommend that my patients try some vitamin E gel rubbed into the scar two to three times a day. However, I truly feel that the action of the massage is more important than the actual vitamin E substance that is rubbed into the area. With that said, if you do have a mature scar that is unsightly, I would recommend an evaluation by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, so that all of your options can be discussed. An exciting relatively new technology that has been extremely successful in reducing the appearance of scars is ProFractional laser resurfacing. Typically three treatments are required and we usually have to treat the skin relatively deeply so that there is some oozing of some fluid from the area for a few days, but the overall downtime is relatively minimal. This has essentially replaced dermabrasion and deep erbium laser resurfacing as my gold standard for acne scarring, traumatic scarring, and surgical scarring treatment.

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