Can you use Juvéderm to fill minor smile lines or do you have to have deep folds for Juvéderm to be effective.

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Juvéderm can be placed in virtually any fold or line on the face that is deep enough to fit the filler material in. In essence, any fold that can create a shadow can be filled with Juvéderm or Restylane and the fold and shadow then will temporarily be gone. These hyaluronic acid fillers are wonderful treatment options for patients that have some early signs of aging as with one to two syringes, we can virtually rid the patient of any unsightly lines and folds that they have and give them an extremely rejuvenated appearance in as little as 20 minutes. The results are instantaneous. The downtime is absolutely minimal with only a small amount of redness or swelling in the area for a day or two. The results can then last up to 12 months and then the product slowly is resorbed. For certain issues like the smile lines, there really is no adequate substitute for the hyaluronic acid fillers as they work so incredibly well, are so well tolerated, are relatively inexpensive, and last a relatively long period of time. I would recommend anyone interested in considering Juvéderm or Restylane for their smile lines to arrange for a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa so that your concerns can be discussed and a customized treatment plan developed.

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