The Dangers of Illegal Silicone

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Some people will do anything and pay any price if it helps to improve their appearance or make them look younger. Illegal silicone injections are on the rise throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world – despite repeated warnings of the dangers involved.

Risking Life and Limb

The widespread fascination with illegal silicone injections reaches far and wide. They’ve been done by untrained people in private homes and in hotel rooms in bizarre rituals known as “pumping parties.” It is at this unauthorized venue that average women will submit to illegal injections of silicone products of questionable safety and quality hoping to enhance their facial features, their breasts, even their buttocks. These buttocks injections are extremely dangerous and illegal here in the U.S. But people are having them done anyway, even though more than a few silicone-related deaths have been reported.

In one horrific case, a 30-year-old woman shot full of silicone at a pumping party later went into respiratory failure in the hospital. Turns out the silicone migrated to her lungs.

If that doesn’t scare you, consider this: when brain tissue has been contaminated with injected silicone, the death rate is nearly 100 percent.

Beware of Imposters

These are people who claim to be trained professionals and certified cosmetic practitioners when in fact they are total frauds bent on making a profit by injecting their hapless victims with illegal silicone. The risk of infection, allergic reaction, and toxic shock syndrome from improperly administered silicone injections is mind-boggling. Though banned in the U.S., the cosmetic use of silicone has found a safe haven in the black market.

The Disfigured Figure

Why would any woman risk everything by allowing herself to be injected with a potentially lethal material by a complete stranger with absolutely no credentials?  Sadly, many women fall victim to the silicone hype and the belief that they’re saving money going an alternative route. They think anyone with five fingers can wield a syringe filled with silicone and give them body contouring results that rival that of any board-certified plastic surgeon.

They’re often dead wrong. And they’re breaking the law while at the same time they’re setting themselves up for horrible medical complications, permanent disfigurement, and possible death.

Don’t risk life and limb on questionable and illegal silicone injections. There are many other legitimate – and affordable – alternatives such as Botox and dermal fillers that give excellent results when administered by a trained and board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

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