Do you recommend Radiesse or Juvéderm for lip augmentation?

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In my opinion Radiesse is actually contraindicated for injection into the lips.  Tough Radiesse is a wonderful product for injection into the smile line or into the cheek area, I feel that it is absolutely contraindicated for injection into the lips due to the fact that the material frequently migrates toward the surface of the lips and due to the fact that this product is white, it can be not only visible, but can also form nodules in the lips.  I personally have not recommended injection of Radiesse for approximately five years now and I currently recommend either Restylane or Juvéderm Ultra for injection into the lips.  These products are hyaluronic acid products that are a gel-like material that is a natural substance within our bodies.  It has a very natural feel.  It has very little risk of creating any nodules or visible abnormalities and when performed by an experienced injector can produce an extraordinarily natural luscious lip without the signs of an obviously over injected treatment.  The key is to seek an experienced injector that understands that voluptuous lips need volume mainly in the midportion of the lip and typically no volume whatsoever near the corners of the mouth.  This will prevent the appearance of “duck lips” or “sausage lips” and yet provide a very voluptuous full bodied lip that appears extremely natural.

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