Does Juvederm treat any specific areas of the face and how effective is it?

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Question: Does Juvederm treat any specific areas of the face and how effective is it?

Answer: Juvederm treats moderate to deep lines of the face and lip area and it is extremely effective at reducing the appearance of these lines.  I have found that if line is larger than the diameter of a 30 gauge needle then it should be able to be filled with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane.  If it is finer than the width of the needle then more than likely they are better served through some sort of a laser resurfacing procedure.  Certainly folds or depressions in the skin are treated quite successfully with fillers as they will volumize this area and lift the depression smooth with the surrounding skin.  The only challenge in this regard is with acne scarring where a scar can actually tether the depression and prevent the filler from lifting it adequately.  Otherwise, the smile lines between then nose and the mouth, marionette lines between the corner of the mouth and chin, and even the slight depression in front of a jowl can all be successfully filled with a variety of different fillers.  I have also found that the depressions underneath the lower eyelid bags can be very successfully treated with the hyaluronic acid fillers as well, though I feel this is a very tenuous location to place the fillers and would recommend that patients seek out a very experienced injector if they are considering having Juvederm placed in this location.

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