Does laser hair removal cause any problems?

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Question: Does laser hair removal cause any problems?

Answer: Things that come to mind are skin color changes, skin irritation, and the formation of scabs. How likely are any of these to occur? Skin irritation is the most common side effect of laser hair removal and to a certain degree occurs in 100% of patients when the laser is used properly since we are trying to injure the hair follicle itself. Skin color changes should be extremely unlikely unless the patient has a tan prior to the laser hair removal treatment in which case the provider most likely should have told the patient to avoid any hair removal that day; otherwise, scabs really should be exceptionally unlikely to occur since that would obviously involve some significant injury to the skin which is exactly what we want to avoid when we perform laser hair removal. Ultimately I would recommend seeking out a very experienced center that has several different options regarding the devices that they use for laser hair removal so that ultimately you can get the result that you desire.

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