Does the actual process of laser skin resurfacing hurt?

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Question: Does the actual process of laser skin resurfacing hurt? Do over the counter pain medications suffice for before and after the procedure?

Answer: It depends on how deep we go as to whether laser resurfacing actually is uncomfortable.  But yes, if we go deep enough it can be quite uncomfortable and we therefore treat patients prior to laser skin resurfacing with either topical anesthetics to prevent the discomfort or if we are going quite deep we will actually perform nerve blocks with local anesthetic.  This allows for a very comfortable experience for the patient and following the laser peel either they are going to be extremely numb in that area in which case they will have no discomfort or if they are having a hot or burning sensation we will allow them to sit under a Zimmer cooling unit which blows very cold air against the lasered skin which in turn completely eliminates any discomfort.  After 30 minutes or so the burning sensation has subsided and all they should really need is Tylenol of ibuprofen for any light burning sensation.

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