I don’t want a facelift, is ultherapy a good alternative from me?

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Question: I have some slight sagging in my face. I’m 42 and I don’t think I’m ready yet for any surgical lifts, but if I can improve my appearance I’d like to. Would ultherapy be a good alternative to surgery for me?

Answer: You sound like an excellent candidate for Ultherapy due to your relatively young age and early signs of facial aging.  Ultherapy is an excellent way to create facial lift, but it is certainly limited on the amount of lift that can be achieved and, therefore, in patients with very significant facial aging features I recommend they consider a more significant alternative such as surgery, but in those with very early signs of aging I feel that they are excellent candidates for Ultherapy as a small improvement is all they really need and the Ultherapy certainly has a high likelihood of achieving their goal.

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