Facials: Balancing Risk and Reward.

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Facials are one of the few procedures with virtually no downside. They are relaxing, they improve the appearance of the skin and they rejuvenate your total appearance. Age and the natural processes in the skin dull over time. Dead skin clogs pores and gives the healthy skin an older look. Sun and wind damaged skin over time as well. Facials help reverse all of this damage.

Facials have health benefits across the board. They bolster the immune system, help detoxify your body and reduce stress. Facial massage as part of treatment helps blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

How does a facial work? Facial treatments involve a number of steps. Cleaning the skin prepares the surface for treatment. Massage loosens muscles and leaves the skin pliable. Astringents, masks and peels strip away the dead layers of skin and leave the healthy, youthful skin beneath exposed. Oxygen facials boost skin cell growth and minimize lines. Some treatments even include electric microcurrent use to stimulate facial muscles and further reduce age lines. All of these combine for a rejuvenated face.

Facials aren’t completely without risk, of course. There’s always the possibility that a product used in the procedure will cause an allergic reaction. Equipment malfunctions are possible, though rare. Your skin may simply react badly to part of the treatment. There’s always the need to maintain your look as well — lack of exercise and a poor diet contribute to poor skin health, and a facial cannot cure everything.

With a little research into your spa of choice, talking with the staff and some good habits, a facial can be an incredibly rewarding procedure. The spa time alone is worth the stress relief and comfort that comes with it. With a custom-tailored facial treatment, you’re sure to leave satisfied.

This is a nice review of facials and the benefits that they provide. I am not sure that I truly believe that they bolster the immune system other than the fact that relaxation in and of itself or stress reduction can bolster the immune system. Detoxification is also a questionable attribute, but they do overall improve the skin’s health and I feel are an important adjunct to many of the other treatment modalities that we have at the Quintessa Aesthetic Center. We will oftentimes combine microdermabrasions with light chemical peels, which essentially boosts the results of the microdermabrasion while really still creating a no downtime treatment.

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