Can a fat transfer be used as an alternative to injectable fillers?

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Question: I’ve had different injectable fillers over the past few years and I’m wondering if fat transfer can be used as an alternative and if the results will last longer.

Answer: It really depends on where the injectable filler has been placed over the past few years as to whether or not I would recommend fat transfer as an alternative for longer-lasting results.  If you are getting injectable fillers in the cheeks then fat transfer can be an excellent option since portions of the fat will be permanent; however, if you are getting fillers in the lips, I recommend to most patients that they consider continuing the filler since it is highly customizable, extremely safe, and very unlikely to give you any sort of side effects, whereas fat transfer in the lips does have risks of creating lumpiness and irregularities and frequently will require more than one treatment.  Ultimately, I think you need to sit down and have a consultation so that the risks and benefits of the fat transfer and the expectations from this can be discussed.

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