Four Early Signs of Aging and How to Treat Them

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Your 30th birthday is just a few days away and you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. You can’t help but notice that a few crinkly lines appear in the corners of your eyes. Those lines that used to fade away after you smiled or laughed now linger.

Although it’s easy to think (or hope) that you won’t have to worry about the signs of aging until you’re well over 40, some signs make an appearance before others. Luckily, there are things you can do to ease those early hints of aging from your face, so you look as fresh and youthful as you feel.

Age Spots

Sometimes called dark spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation can look like larger freckles. These spots are often caused by sun exposure; if you spent a lot of time in the sun, without sunscreen, in your teens and early 20s, you might start seeing more and more spots in your early 30s and 40s.

You have a few options when it comes to treating age spots. Certain topical treatments, such as retinoids, can help the spots fade. Wearing sunscreen every day is a great and necessary preventative measure.

We recommend all patients to have two Broadband Light treatments per year, as it rids the skin of excessive redness and flushing, brown spots, skin laxity, and acne, with a flash of light. Clear smooth skin is youthful and vibrant.

Crow’s Feet

Some wrinkles or fine lines develop as a result of repeated facial movements over the course of your life. If you laugh or squint a lot, you might have started to notice fine lines forming in the outer corners of your eyes. While some people consider crow’s feet to be a sign of a happy life, others would rather they not be there.

Keeping the thin skin around your eyes moisturized can help prevent or minimize existing crow’s feet. Since the eye area tends to be sensitive, we recommend investing in an eye cream.

Another way to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet is with Botox treatments. Botox might be more effective at treating crow’s feet than moisturizer, with results lasting between three and six months.

Smile or Laugh Lines

Smile or laugh lines also tend to appear pretty early. You might start noticing a small crease that starts at the base of your nose and extends down the length of your cheek on either side of the mouth.

While crow’s feet are caused by movements, smile lines are caused by a loss of hyaluronic acid and elasticity in the skin. As you get older, your skin is less able to “bounce back,” leading to fine lines or loss of volume. One way to treat smile lines and other wrinkles is with a filler comprised of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in our body that helps hydrate the skin and keep it plump) such as Juvederm. Volume can be replenished in the midface area with Voluma treatments, which can last up to two years.

Dull Skin

Cell turnover is essential for keeping your skin refreshed and youthful-looking. As you approach your 30s, changes in your body, such as reduced hormone levels, slow down the rate at which your skin sloughs off the dead skin cells, leading to skin that looks dull and dry.

Exfoliation is key to battling dullness. You can exfoliate at home by using a device such as Clarisonic or by using a skin product that contains glycolic acid or retinol, which helps encourage cell turnover. Treatment options include microdermabrasion, where the top layer of dead skin cells is sloughed off. The result smoother and more refreshed skin.

When it comes to dealing with the signs of aging on your face, don’t wait. Our professional staff at Quintessa Medical Spa look forward to helping you maintain a youthful appearance at all ages.

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