I am interested in getting some laser resurfacing to my face.

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Question: I am interested in getting some laser resurfacing to my face. What sort of results can I expect?

Answer: Well the results from a laser resurfacing are highly dependent upon the depth of the laser resurfacing and the depth is dependent upon what type of problem we are trying to treat.  If we are just trying to improve some of the surface textural irregularities and some of the pigmentation problems then a relatively superficial or light laser peel can be performed which will patients a day or 2 of downtime with some residual pinkness to the skin for a few days.  If we are trying it remove and eliminate deep wrinkles across the lips or face, this requires a very aggressive treatment with the erbium laser or CO2 laser and this would then create a good 6 to 7 days of downtime at a minimum where the patient is required to use a greasy type balm on the face and we have them on several different medications as a prophylactic treatment for any sort of infection.  These more aggressive treatments really need to be performed by extremely experienced physicians so that untoward complications are avoided.

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