have heard that Latisse can change the color of your eyes.

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Question: I have heard that Latisse can change the color of your eyes. Is this true regardless of color?

Answer: No, this is not true regardless of color and there is even question whether Latisse can change someone’s eye.  The background history is that the medication in Latisse has formally been used as an eye drop and in a small percentage of patients with green or hazel eyes increased dark pigmentation has been observed in patients using that eye drop.  This did not occur in patients with blue eyes, as they cannot pigment their eyes.  Latisse; however, is not placed on the actually eyeball, but is placed on the eyelash and therefore less than 1/10th of 1% of the actual product gets in the eye itself and to date there have been no observed pigmentation of anyone’s iris using the product Latisse.  It is; however, on the insert warning due to the fact that this has occurred in a small percentage of patients using the actual eye drop.   So, ultimately if you have brown eyes there is very little risk since increased pigmentation really will not change the eye color much.  If you have blue eyes, you cannot cause increased pigmentation and only in hazel or green eyes can you end up with brown spots on the iris, though again this is extremely unlikely with the use of Latisse.

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