I am 44, female, and I got Radiesse injections last week.

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Question: I am 44, female, and I got Radiesse injections last week. They looked great right after the injection (with the exception of a little bruising), but now I have all these little tiny bumps around my lips. Did the filler itself cause these bumps or is the way it was injected to blame?

Answer: If the injection looked great the day that it was performed then, most likely, your little bumps are just due to swelling, and these should resolve spontaneously. I would recommend a small amount of massage in this area and, if they do not resolve in the next week, I would recommend seeing your injector. Assuming that these areas are not painful, you have a very high likelihood of having these completely disappear in the next week or so and then you should be able to enjoy the results of your Radiesse injection for many months to come.

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