I am 47, female, and I have been considering a browlift for the past few months.

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Question: I am 47, female, and I have been considering a browlift for the past few months.  I have also been looking into nonsurgical alternatives, injectable fillers, and Ultherapy.  I do not really want to get injectables every few months, so I would like to learn more about Ultherapy.  Can Ultherapy get rid of wrinkles with comparable results to a browlift?

Answer: I have seen Ultherapy give patients results that are very comparable to a surgical browlift.  However, I certainly do not promise that this nonsurgical, noninvasive device can provide the same lifting capacity that a surgical procedure can provide.  Ultherapy, however, does very consistently create browlifting.  The obvious significant upside of Ultherapy is that it is a nonsurgical, no-downtime procedure, and another upside to the Ultherapy device is that the results should be very long lasting in that the patient will essentially have to age out of the improvement over time.  I recommend that you schedule a consultation with us at Quintessa Medical Spa so that we can discuss in great detail the expectations from the Ultherapy treatment.

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