I am 54 and I have been a sun worshiper and smoker for too many years.

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Question: I am 54 and I have been a sun worshiper and smoker for too many years. I have some pretty serious skin damage as a result. Can any injectable fillers help me? Or would surgery be better?

Answer: Neither injectable fillers or surgery are going to treat your sun-damaged skin, but one or both could treat some of the wrinkles that are associated with the sun damage.  If you are interested in the correction of folds or deeper wrinkles then the fillers and/or surgery may be your best option.  If you are more concerned with the pigmentation and changes in texture of the skin then I would recommend considering laser resurfacing type of a procedure to rejuvenate the actual skin.  Frequently patients have a combination of treatment so that we can correct all of the areas that are detracting from their appearance and give them a much more significant rejuvenation.

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