I am 54, female, with very sunken cheeks and wrinkled lips

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Question: I am 54, female, with very sunken cheeks and wrinkled lips. I have been interested in a facial fat grafting procedure for some time, but I do not really know too much about it. Could I get both my lips and cheeks done on the same day? Or do I have to get them done separately?

Answer: Whenever I perform fat grafting I always treat all areas at the same time due to the fact that we need to harvest the fat from 1 location and then inject it into the face where it is needed. We therefore want to just perform 1 harvesting procedure and then we divide this fat up into multiple different syringes that are then used to reinject the fat into the facial region where it is desired. I will mention that to get 100% correction of many areas of the face it does require 2 fat grafting sessions since a significant portion of fat is resorbed over a long period of time. Ultimately, seeking out a provider with extensive experience in fat grafting would be recommended.

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