I am 58 and I feel I look pretty good for my age

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Question: I am 58 and I feel I look pretty good for my age. Everyone always thinks that I am younger. However, the past year or so my neck has begun to get really saggy. What are my options for improving the contour of my neck?

Answer: I think you have several options regarding trying to improve the contour of your neck. The most effective of which would be a surgical option of a form of face or neck lift. This involves some incisions around the ear that are hidden in the creases of the ear, and the saggy neck tissues are essentially lifted and some excess skin is removed and sutures are placed to close the incision. These sutures are removed in a week and there is typically very little down time. I personally perform 2 completely different forms of face or neck lift; one being what I call a mini lift, which is performed in an office setting under local anesthesia, and the other is called is an extended SMAS deep plane face lift with platysmaplasty, which is a much more technologically advanced lift, which will provide not only a more natural appearance, but a more significant rejuvenation which then allows for a much longer lasting improvement. Ultimately, I would recommend a consultation to discuss these options. If you are interested in a nonsurgical option, then I would highly recommend the Ultherapy device, which is an ultrasound-based device that creates heat in the deeper tissue, which then causes new collagen deposition and tightening of this tissue, which can lift brows, cheeks, jowls, and improve the appearance of a saggy neck. I personally feel that the best candidates are ones that have very early signs of aging.  So again, a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa would be appropriate.

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