I am a 42-year-old woman and I got a laser peel six weeks ago.

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Question: I am a 42-year-old woman and I got a laser peel six weeks ago. I like the results so much that I figured I might as well find out about what laser vein therapy can do. Is the same type of laser used for a laser peel used in vein therapy?

Answer: Not typically.  Usually, for a laser peel, we are using some sort of an ablative laser such as an Erbium laser or a CO2 laser, which is absorbed by water and essentially vaporizes the superficial layers of the skin.  The lasers that we use for laser vein therapy are lasers that are absorbed by blood, and we would desire these to literally go through the skin and only injure the vein itself and, therefore, these lasers are quite different.  I always recommend that patients seek out experienced professionals regarding the treatment options that they are interested in and, at Quintessa Medical Spa, we certainly have a vast amount of experience with not only laser peels but also laser vein treatments.

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