I am an elderly Asian male with very blotchy skin.

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Question: I am an elderly Asian male with very blotchy skin. I would like to get this taken care of and thought microdermabrasion could be a potential solution. Any advice on the subject?

Answer: Microdermabrasion alone will most likely do very little to improve upon your skin discolorations, but I certainly feel that microdermabrasion can be part of a treatment plan that will overall greatly improve the quality of your skin, but this would also need to involve good skin care, excellent sun protection, and consideration of various other light and/or laser treatments.

Microdermabrasion gets rid of the dead superficial layer of skin, which then allows products to penetrate better and even some of the laser treatment to be more efficacious. That is why I feel that it could certainly be part of a treatment plan, but in and of itself would only provide small amounts of improvement in your overall skin quality. I would recommend that you seek out someone who is experienced in treating Asian skin and has multiple different modalities available to treat your concerns so that your expectations can be met and your outcomes maximized.

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