I am having my first professional microdermabrasion session.

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Question: I am having my first professional microdermabrasion session. What sort of results can I expect?

Answer: Classic microdermabrasion uses crystals that are blown against the skin causing the stratum corneum or the dead superficial layer of the skin to be sloughed.  This is a relatively gentle process when performed appropriately but can be more aggressive either if desired or accidentally by untrained professionals.  At Quintessa Medical Spa, we have always preferred the crystal-free microdermabrasion systems, and I have always used diamond-embedded wands that are used with a suction apparatus to rid the patient of their dead stratum corneum.  This is a more precise and certainly cleaner way to accomplish the microdermabrasion procedure.

What you can expect afterwards is much smoother and radiant skin.  Patients tend to regain that youthful glow and start to get light reflecting from the skin in a much more youthful fashion.  The stratum corneum or dead layer of the skin tends to absorb the light and scatter it and, therefore, the skin tends to have a rather dull nonreflective character.  After the microdermabrasion, the light reflects much better and gives the patient a much more youthful appearance.

Over time, with multiple microdermabrasion sessions, this will actually also improve the abnormal pigmentation of the skin, overall surface texture, and even fine lines.  Microdermabrasion also allows medical-grade skincare products to penetrate better and ultimately allows the skin to achieve a healthier appearance due to the regular use of microdermabrasion.

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