I am interested in laser skin resurfacing.

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Question: I am interested in laser skin resurfacing to remove brown age spots and fine wrinkles. Is this a treatment that is finished in 1 session? What will my face look like the next day and will I be able to go to work?

Answer: Well, laser skin resurfacing can be performed at variety of depths and the depth really determines your downtime and the effectiveness of the treatment.  In other words, the deeper we go, the more effect we get, but the greater the downtime and risk.  If you have a very superficial laser peel you may be able to go to work the next day with some pinkness on the skin.  If we go deeper, more than likely you will have at least a day or 2 where you will require the use of a greasy balm on the skin to protect it and then you can wear cover makeup.  If we go extremely deep, such as when we are trying to improve deep wrinkling, you will have a good 6 days of downtime where the skin is weeping and requires coverage with the balm for protection.  Ultimately, it is very important that you seek out a well experienced provider as certainly medium and deeper peels can be risky when performed by people with little experience.

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