I am male and I would like to have my skin refreshed.

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Question: I am male and I would like to have my skin refreshed. It is not smooth and I have developed fine wrinkles around my mouth. I am very much interested in microdermabrasion. Is this an expensive procedure? Do I need more than1 treatment?

Answer: Microdermabrasion is not an expensive treatment, running around $100 per session, but you do need multiple treatments due to the fact that this is only going to be treating the very superficial layers of the skin and essentially polishing the skin to make it look smoother and more vibrant.  At Quintessa Medical Spa we strongly recommend that patients are on a good skin care line and if you are getting regular microdermabrasion your skin care products will actually work better due to the fact that the microdermabrasion allows better penetration of the products.  So the 2 systems essentially go hand in hand and complement each other.

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