I am supposed to get Restylane injections for my wrinkles

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Question: I am supposed to get Restylane injections for my wrinkles next week. I have never had any kind of cosmetic enhancement before, so I am really nervous, and bad possibilities keep popping into my head. I know that wrinkle solutions like Botox can cause facial paralysis. Will it be hard for me to move my face after the Restylane injections?

Restylane injections in no way prevent you from moving your face. Botox relaxes muscles and, therefore, can limit the amount of facial movement; but Restylane and Juvederm and other hyaluronic acid fillers simply provide volume in the area that we desire, and in no way limit your ability to actually have facial motion. With that said, you may feel like there is a slight limitation early on after the injection due to a small amount of swelling that can occur from the injection, but in reality, the muscle motion itself is unhindered.

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