I am two months postop from a scar revision procedure for a large scar on my face.

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Question: I am two months postop from a scar revision procedure for a large scar on my face. I was told I should limit my exposure to the sun after the surgery but, the other day, I forgot my sunblock, and I had to be out in the sun. What are the possible consequences of having exposed my repaired scar to the sun for one day?

Answer: The biggest consequence is abnormal pigmentation of the scar, which then makes the scar more visible. This will fortunately eventually subside as long as you continue with your sunblock and use a skin care product that contains hydroquinone. I would recommend that, at this point forward, you are very cautious about sun exposure and are very consistent with the application of sunblock in that area and, in fact, your entire facial region. If you do end up with some pigmentation that is concerning, I would recommend that you see a provider who is familiar with this problem and can provide various treatment options such as intense pulsed light or broadband light as well as fractionated laser treatments, as these can significantly improve the appearance of your revised scar.

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