I got a laser peel four days ago, and my face is still really pink and swollen.

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Question: I got a laser peel four days ago, and my face is still really pink and swollen.  I hate the way I look but I am itching to get outside.  Can I use makeup this soon after my laser peel to hide the redness?

Answer: It depends on how much healing has occurred since your laser peel.  If you had a relatively superficial laser peel and your skin has completely re-epithelialized and there is no longer any crusting or weeping then, most likely, you could wear cover makeup and sunblock and go outside.  However, if you have had a deep laser resurfacing, I would be surprised if your skin has completely healed in only four days and therefore, most likely, you would not be ready for cover makeup and sunblock, and I would therefore recommend that you stay indoors out of the sun.  Ultimately, a discussion with the provider who performed the laser resurfacing would be prudent as inappropriate skin care after a laser peel can lead to unintended and unwanted consequences and complications.

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