I have a lot of back hair.

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Question: I have a lot of back hair and was wondering how many sessions of laser hair removal would it take to get rid it all?

Answer: First of all, I never guarantee that we will get rid of all of the hair in the area, but we can certainly provide and extraordinarily significant reduction in the hair and the vast majority of patients are extremely happy with the results.  With that said it typically takes 6 to 8 treatments spaced about 6 weeks to up to 8 weeks apart to adequately remove the hair from a person’s back.  This is because hair grows in different growth cycles and we have to treat the hair while it is actually in its growth phase when it is sensitive to the laser removal process.  If it is not in the growth phase it will more than likely grow back and that is why we provide multiple sessions so that we end up treating all of the hairs while they are in this sensitive growth phase.  When performed appropriately in patients that are good candidates we expect about a 95% reduction in hair in the area that we are treating.

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