I have been looking into chemical peels, and it seems to me that all it does is exfoliate the skin.

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Question: I have been looking into chemical peels, and it seems to me that all it does is exfoliate the skin. I have been exfoliating my skin for years with sugar scrubs and other methods. What makes the chemical method of exfoliation so much superior to at-home treatments?

Answer: Well, there are several reasons why chemical peels can be far superior to at-home treatments, one of which is the fact that chemical peels are going to be able to penetrate into the skin deeper than sugar scrubs can and, furthermore, chemical peels can frequently be combined with other treatments to allow these other treatments to penetrate the skin more significantly than if they were performed without the associated chemical peel.  There are even certain chemical peels that can treat the skin extremely deeply and create a huge amount of new collagen deposition, which in turn then causes a significant amount of wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.  These types of results cannot be expected from any sort of at-home treatment option.

At Quintessa Medical Spa, we not only provide patients with a multitude of different chemical peel treatments but we also have various lasers that can be used in an extremely precise fashion to provide patients with their expected improvements while minimizing their risks of complications.  I always think it is very important that patients seek out a facility where multiple different treatment options are available so that they can get the exact treatment that will maximize their personal anatomic concerns while, again, not being overly aggressive so that any sort of risks are minimized.

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