I have been tanning in preparation for a trip to Aruba.

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Question: I have been tanning in preparation for a trip to Aruba. I would like to have laser hair removal at my bikini line. Does tanning affect this type of hair removal at all?

Answer: Yes, tanning can definitely affect your ability to undergo laser hair removal, assuming that you are tanning in the direct area that needs the hair removal itself. If you have no tan in the area that requires laser hair removal then we can simply treat you as we would any individual. If you do have a tan; however, the pigment in your skin competes for the laser energy and we therefore have to decrease the energy that we use to treat the hair so that we do not injure your skin. Ultimately, I think it is very important to see an experienced provider for laser hair removal so that you do no end up with an injury that you do not expect.

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