I have been using Juvéderm for about one year now.

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Question: I have been using Juvéderm for about one year now. I am a 42-yaer-old woman, so I am planning on needing facial rejuvenation for quite a long time. Can Juvéderm be used indefinitely with no ill side effects?

Answer: Yes, Juvéderm can be used indefinitely and in most patients without any ill side effects. The fill will last somewhere between 6 and 18 months and repeat injections can be performed as needed. I am sure that there is an extremely small number of patients who can end up becoming allergic to the product, but for the most part, the product is identical to what we already have in our bodies, so this really should not happen except for where there are crosslinks on the molecule and this area is an area that theoretically patients could become allergic though I personally have never seen a case of an allergy to Juvéderm nor have I actually ever heard of one. With that being said, I therefore feel the far, far majority of patients are going to be able to have Juvéderm injections for as long as they desire without any ill side effects.

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