I have deep folds forming around my nasolabial region.

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Question: I have deep folds forming around my nasolabial region.  Will the larger particle of Perlane injections fill in the folds more effectively than other available treatments?

Well, certainly Perlane and Juvéderm Ultra Plus are higher viscosity hyaluronic acid fillers and they do tend to fill deeper folds more effectively and last longer than their thinner counterparts.  It is interesting that the longevity of these types of fillers really seems to be very individual as certain patients may get 6 to 9 months out these products and then other patients can get 2+ years out of their hyaluronic acid type injections.  We are not really sure exactly why some patients get such a long lasting effect, but some feel that it is due to stem cell rejuvenation where the elastin fibers are stretched by the injection.   This then causes the fibroblasts to start creating collagen again and this tends to be a much longer lasting effect as we know that the actual hyaluronic acid filler more than likely resorbs within 1 year.  Nonetheless, for those lucky patients, they get a very long lasting effect from this injection and I certainly feel the Perlane is an excellent product and you will more than likely be happy with the effect.

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