I have had a few microdermabrasions performed in the past and like the temporary improvement in my skin. It has been recommended that I consider a TCA and Jessner peel. Is this something that you would recommend?

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No, I personally do not recommend Jessner TCA peels any longer as technology has improved to the point where these sorts of historical chemical peels really are completely unnecessary. If the Jessner TCA peel is intended to improve the pigmentation of the skin, then I would personally recommend BBL or broadband light as we can rid the patient of their pigmentary issues without the downtime of a Jessner TCA peel. If the Jessner TCA peel is recommended for textural improvement or wrinkle reduction, then I would recommend a micro laser peel and/or ProFractional laser resurfacing as we will get a much greater improvement in the texture and wrinkling of the skin than a Jessner TCA peel will accomplish. I personally discontinued telling patients to expect wrinkle reduction from a Jessner TCA peel many years ago due to the rather underwhelming results that we would get regarding wrinkle reduction. Micro laser peels and ProFractional laser peels; however, can injure the deeper layers of the skin creating significant new collagen growth that will indeed create improvement of the overall texture of the skin and significantly reduce visible lines and wrinkles. All of this can be accomplished with less downtime than a single Jessner TCA peel would cause. I would recommend that you schedule a consultation at Quintessa Medical Spa where we can discuss the various skin care options with you and due to the fact that we do have these very high technology devices, we typically can provide patients a better result with less downtime than our competitors that do not embrace this technology.

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