I have large pores on my nose and cheeks.

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Question: I have large pores on my nose and cheeks. Do any of your procedures such as the chemical peel or the laser light reduce these pores?

Answer: Lights and lasers can certainly reduce the appearance of pores but I certainly do not believe that they actually change the size of a pore since that really is an impossibility.  My theory is that if the opening to the pore tends to funnel shape as it comes out of the skin it looks quite a bit bigger if it simply comes out and meets the skin with the diameter of the actual pore.  By performing lights and laser treatments we can improve upon the funnel shape so that the pore has a smaller appearance, even though the actual pore really has not changed.  In reality all that matters is what the pore looks like so in essence we do reduce the appearance of the size of the pore through these different treatment modalities.

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