I have recently started using Latisse to thicken my lashes.

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Question: I have recently started using Latisse to thicken my lashes.  About a week after use, my eyes have become extremely dry and irritated.  Is this irritation normal to experience when using Latisse?

Answer: No, I would not expect your eyes to become dry and irritated from the proper use of Latisse.  I would recommend that you read the instructions carefully and that you perform the application as directed and, if you still have redness and dryness, you can do one of two things.  One would be to discontinue the Latisse to see if, indeed, this problem does go away.  The other would be to see your eye care professional, whether it be an ophthalmologist or an optometrist, for a thorough eye evaluation to see if there may be another cause for your dry eye that is unrelated to the Latisse product.

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