I have significant sun damage on my chest. What can be done to eliminate these fine lines and spots?

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Question: I have significant sun damage on my chest.  What can be done to eliminate these fine lines and spots?

Answer: The discolorations in the decollete area or upper chest area can be treated with intense pulsed light or broadband light, and this does a very nice job of improving the discolorations but does very little for the wrinkling and surface irregularities.  We are starting to use the Ultherapy device, which is an ultrasound-based technology for tissue tightening, in the decollete area and have seen some relatively impressive results.  We tend to combine this treatment with ProFractional laser resurfacing by Sciton, which is an Erbium laser that can drill small tunnels in the skin, and these tunnels are small enough that these can be performed on the skin outside of the facial region without causing any scarring or unexpected side effects.  The combination of these two treatments does cause some deeper new collagen deposition, and this in turn then tightens the skin and deeper tissues and improves the overall texture and wrinkling of this region.

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