I have smoker’s wrinkles around my mouth

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Question: I have smoker’s wrinkles around my mouth. I would like to remove them without surgery. What is the best injectable filler to use in this area?

Answer: I feel that the best injectable filler to use in smoker’s wrinkles around the mouth would be a hyaluronic acid filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane. These are a gel-like material that is relatively soft and can be placed through a very small needle so that we can fill in smaller lines that are in and around the lips and mouth. This is a temporary solution but can work quite well for patients that have relatively deep lines that can easily be counted. If the patient has finer lines that are literally covering the upper lip then these would be much more difficult to fill with an injectable and I would typically then recommend they consider some sort of laser resurfacing procedure to improve those types of lines.

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