I have some dimpling and fine lines in my forehead and eye regions.

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Question: I have some dimpling and fine lines in my forehead and eye regions. Why should I opt to get Botox over a forehead lift?

Answer: For one, Botox is a non-surgical treatment so if you are not interested in surgery then obviously Botox is a much better option for you.  Furthermore, if you only have fine lines then maybe Botox is just simply easier than having to go through a forehead lift for the improvement of a relatively small problem.  Ultimately, the decision is yours, but it would be nice to be able to discuss this with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon so that you fully understand what to expect from a forehead lift as well as the cost associated with it.  I certainly have had many patients decide to go ahead with the forehead lift simply because over the long run it is more economical for them to have one procedure rather than to have multiple Botox injections over many years.

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