I have used Botox for almost 5 years to erase the wrinkles on my forehead.

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Question: I am 61 years old, male, and in very good health. I have used Botox for almost 5 years to erase the wrinkles on my forehead. It works wonderfully but I think I am ready for a more permanent solution. My hair is receding and I wonder if the endoscopic brow lift will leave a noticeable scar because of the hair loss in this area.

Answer: I would have to personally examine you to determine the best course of action but in past years I would have said that the scar from the endoscopic brow lift is not an acceptable alternative though more recently I feel that this may actually be untrue due to the fact that these scars heal exceptionally well and even patients with receding hair or even baldness I do discuss the option of performing an endoscopic brow lift due to the fact that this surgery is performed through such small incisions and they heal incredibly well.  I do alter my incisions for patients with receding hair in that I perform a horizontal incision as opposed to a vertical one so that it tends to line up with natural skin creases.  Otherwise, the surgical procedure is identical to one that is performed on patients with a normal hair line.  Ultimately, you need to consider the risks and benefits of continued Botox use versus endoscopic brow lift to determine what would be best for your personal circumstance.

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