I have very bad facial acne scars

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Question: I have very bad facial acne scars. I hate looking like this and it seems to look even worse every year. I am Mexican and have darker skin, is there a laser peel that I can have that will not change my skin color but will get rid of some of the pitting on my face?

Answer: That is a very good question and a very difficult problem to correct. First of all, bad acne scarring is virtually impossible to completely get rid of but we can certainly perform different procedures to improve upon the appearance of acne scarring and with your darker skin type this greatly limits the type of techniques that are available for treatment of this. I would recommend consideration of a ProFractional laser treatment by Sciton as this laser only injures a small percentage of the actual skin by lasering small tunnels in the skin. These injuries cause the skin to deposit large amounts of collagen in the deeper layer and this causes remodeling of the surface of the skin which can greatly reduce the appearance of acne scarring. I would recommend a small test spot before treating the entire area to assure that it does not affect your overall skin coloration. But more than likely it will be safe to use in your skin type.

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