I often notice spas and clinics offering microdermabrasion.

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Question: I often notice spas and clinics offering microdermabrasion. I would rather have a professional do it. I have a raised scar on my abdomen that I would like smoothed. Is microdermabrasion the recommended procedure for an abdominal scar?

Answer: I would not say that microdermabrasion is the recommended treatment for a raised abdominal scar and I will not even go as far as to say that microdermabrasion would be particularly affective at the treatment of a raised abdominal scar.  But, it certainly has the possibility of improving the appearance of that scar.  With that being said, there are certainly other modalities that can improve the scar such as fractionated laser resurfacing, whether that is an erbium laser like the Sciton ProFractional laser or a CO2 laser these can be used for treatment of surgical scars and we have seen amazing improvements in the appearance of scars on the face and body.

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